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Spa Test Strips


Product origin :Changchun, CN

Delivery time :3-20 days

Supply capacity :300,000 bottles

Pool test strips is a simple way to quick test pool water quality. 3 parameters all in one strip. With the regular use of our product, you will be able to make sure the water safety so you and your family can have fun and relax.

Using superior technology, delivering accurate results, strong anti-pollution ability, and rapid diagnoses of water quality within 60 seconds, with Polymer Hydrophobic Isolation technology to prevent cross-pollution, our Spa Test Strips are essential to maintaining family swimming pools and spas.

Spa Test Strips 3in1

best spa hot tub test strips

 3in1 water test strips

Test Factors

Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH

Test SystemVisual Color Comparison
ApplicationPool Spa Hot tubs water testing
Specification100 pcs / bottle
MOQ100 bottles
Custom RequirementsWelcome
Shelf  LifeNew: 2 years from production;   Opened: better to use up within 90 days.
Instructions1. Immerse the strip for 2 seconds and then remove the strip.
2. Do NOT shake excess water off, and then hold the strip horizontally for 15 seconds.
3. Compare against the color chart and read immediately within 30 seconds to get accurate results.

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1. Rapid test: Fast test and get results in seconds

2. Simply dip: Test directly without pre-processing.

3. Easily read: See clear color development.

4. Safe use: No need to touch hazardous chemicals and deal with waste liquid. 

5. Inexpensive: Each test at a low cost.

best spa hot tub test strips

3in1 water test strips 

Factory or Trading Company
Factory. We speicalize in producing water test strips for years....more
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