Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5
  • Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5
  • Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5
  • Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5
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Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5


Product origin :Changchun, CN

Delivery time :3-20 days

Supply capacity :300,000 bottles

What Is A Vaginal Ph Test: A Vaginal Ph Test Is A Simple Way To Measure How Acidic Or Alkaline Your Vaginal Secretions Are. Elevated Feminine Ph Levels May Signal A Vaginal Infection.(i.e., Itching, Burning, Unpleasant Odor, Or Unusual Discharge)

How To Test Vaginal Ph At Home: Before Testing, Wash And Dry Your Hands.use A Cotton Swab,gently Collect A Small Amount Of Sample And Apply It Into Strip. Wait For 15 Seconds And Compare The Results To The Color Chart.

 Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5

vaginal ph test strips

vaginal ph test strips

Test Range

 pH 3.0-6.5

Test SystemVisual Color Comparison
ApplicationTesting vaginal pH level
Specification50 pcs / bottle
MOQ100 bottles
Custom RequirementsWelcome
Shelf  LifeNew: 2 years from production;   Opened: better to use up within 90 days.
Instructions1.Wash and dry your hands.

2. Take a strip our of the bottle and replace the cap and close it 


3. Gently collect fluid from vagina with a swab,firmly rub the swab 

over the reagent pad on the test strips.

4. Compare the test pad to the color chart on the bottle at 15 

seconds,hold the test strip close to the color blocks.

5. pH 3.0-4.5 is normal range, pH 5.0-6.5 is abnormal range. 

 Warning1.Do not use the strip the day before and five days after your period.

2. Do not insert directly into vagina or put in the mouth.

3. For external use only,non-recyclable.

4. Dispose of the strip after usage as you would any other feminine hygiene product 

Key Words

vaginal ph test strips

female ph test strips

feminine ph test strips

Feminine Vaginal Ph Test
Hot Sale female ph test strips

female ph test strips

1. Rapid test: Fast test and get results in seconds.

2. Simply dip: Test directly without pre-processing.

3. Easily read: See clear color development.

4. Safe use: No need to touch hazardous chemicals and deal with waste liquid. 

5. Inexpensive: Each test at a low cost.

feminine ph test strips

vaginal ph test strips 

Company Profile

Jilin Test Bio-Electron Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in chemical reagent research & development, production and sales.


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We possess our own R&D Team and full-automatic equipment, all products are made in a highest quality. We have clients in more than 100 countries around the world.


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feminine ph test strips

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Factory. We speicalize in producing water test strips for years....more
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